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The One Stop Shop For Your Needs Of Marine Engine And Power Plant

CSI Power (Ningdong) supports you throughout the whole process, handling everything from installation, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting, innovations, upgrades, and sale of spare parts of all segments. No matter where you are located or what you need, we are there for you. CSI Power Services will keep you running far into the future.

Customer Care

CSI services is there for you, for lifecycle

Maintenance & Repairs
Maintenance & Repairs

CSI Services has all the special tools and experience to deliver, maintain, and repair your machines wherever you might be. CSI team operates throughout the world to deliver solutions for whatever comes your way.

Most common repair services

CSI Power (Ningdong) carries out a lot of different repair services. Whatever is happed with your marine engines and generator sets, CSI is able to fix it. Here is a brief overview of the most common repair repairs we perform:

Genuine Spare Parts

CSI Power (Ningdong) supplies a variety of spare parts and spare parts kits for all your CSI engines and generator sets throughout the product’s entire lifetime. We provide spare parts kits for easy, simple, trouble-free, money-saving maintenance and overhaul of your engines and generator sets.

We consider your problem our challenge!

Why CSI Spare Parts?

Genuine Spare Parts
Service Packages & Long-Term Agreements

CSI Power (Ningdong) offers services that span a machine’s lifecycle. Installation, technical cooperation, commissioning, and product delivery services help ensure that from initial contact to decommission. Keeping your machines up and running requires regular, scheduled maintenance, new parts, and fresh components. With CSI Power’s (Ningdong) range of service packages, we bring CSI experience, technical know-how, 24/7/365 emergency support, and traveling our engineers to customers to keep engines running, wherever they might be.

Service Package Features

All features are available in customer packages.

Engine Operation Manual
Full Engine Operation Manual
Familiarization Training
Maintenance Training
On-site and Remote Training
Digital Service
Detailed Engine Database
Data Analysis & Advice
Data Availability
Spare Parts
Special Tools
Unrestricted Voyage Spare Parts
Annual Replenishment of Consumable Parts
Startup Package with Spare Parts
Critical Parts
Emergency Parts Supply
Technical Assistance
Annual Engines and Gensets Condition Assessment
Remote Assistance
Commissioning of new machines and component outfit