Dr. Zhao Huijun started Research and made the Opening Report at the Post-doctoral Research Workstation of C.S.I. Group

On July 8, during Ningbo Post-doctoral Achievement Exhibition and “Double Hundred” Supply and Demand Matching Meeting, the post-doctoral research workstation of C.S.I. Group organized a review meeting for the opening report of Dr. Zhao Huijun. Professor Ruan Xiaodong of Zhejiang University, Senior Engineer Wu Jie, the Secretary of the CPC Committee and General Manager of C.S.I. Group, etc., formed a group of experts to review the opening report, and relevant leaders from Human Resources and Social Security Bureau attended the meeting.

The report meeting was presided over by Dr. He Haibin, Executive Vice President of C.S.I. Research Institute. At the report meeting, Dr. Zhao Huijun introduced the background of the post-doctoral subject, and made the opening report of the subject ⟪Research on Multi-body Dynamics and Structural Optimization of High-power Diesel Engine Crankshaft System⟫. This research subject intends to adopt advanced simulation analysis methods to carry out research on muti-body dynamics and structural optimization of high-power diesel engine crankshaft system, and build a multi-body dynamics and finite element collaborative simulation platform, based on modal analysis, torsional vibration characteristic analysis, static strength analysis, and fatigue life analysis, so as to provide an important reference for the positive design of high-power diesel engine crankshaft. The experts’ group discussed Dr. Zhao Huijun’s research subject seriously, and made valuable suggestions for the follow-up research work, and unanimously agreed with Dr. Zhao Huijun’s post-doctoral research subject.


Innovation is the primary driving force, and qualified personnel is the primary resource. C.S.I. Group has always adhered to take “People oriented, People foremost” as its ethos for years, adhered to scientific and technological innovation, based on its own brand – CSI Power, relying on the national-level post-doctoral workstation and provincial key enterprise research institute, attracting qualified personnel from all over the world, market-oriented, to develop high-power medium-speed marine diesel engines and the key technology research and industrialization of new energy engines. C.S.I. Group undertook and completed a number of national, provincial, and municipal scientific and technological projects, won many awards, and was named “Ningbo’s Advanced Enterprise for Service Qualified Personnel”.