A Scientific and Technological Achievement of C.S.I. Group won the First Prize of the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

On the afternoon of July 11, the Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Conference was held in the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress Hall, and the leaders such as the Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee Mr. Yuan Jiayun, Deputy Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee and Governor Mr. Wang Hao attended. At the conference, the 2021 Zhejiang Science and Technology Award was presented, and the achievement of “Key Technology and Application of Efficient Purification of Ship Exhaust Gas”, which was completed by C.S.I. Group in cooperation with the Academician Prof. Gao Xiang’s Team of Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group, won the first prize of the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

In recent years, with the proposal of the national dual-carbon target, the regulations on ship exhaust emissions have become increasingly stringent, and the development and upgrading of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies for ship engines have become the focus of research. With the construction of a national post-doctoral research station and industrial generic technology research institute, C.S.I. Group is committed to the development and industrialization of low-carbon and zero-carbon fuel power: DF6210 Dual Electrical Control Dual-Fuel (LNG/Diesel) Green Power is deployed in the first batch of domestic 10,000-ton class “Three Gorges Low-carbon and Energy-saving Type LNG-Diesel Dual-Fuel River-Sea-Through Ships”; the first batch of domestic NL8340 high-power electrical control high-pressure common-rail diesel engines in China entered the final assembly stage of a prototype; the SCR system on an engine for IMO Tier III emission regulations has completed independently and proofed by CCS; the 13th Five-Year Marine Economy Innovation and Development Demonstration Project of C.S.I. Group, which is undertaken by Ningbo city as a key project, has completed successfully the general assessment and acceptance.

Innovation is the first driving force of development! C.S.I. Group has always insisted on scientific and technological innovation for years, based on our own brand – CSI Power (Ningdong), relying on the national post-doctoral research stations and the provincial key enterprise research institute, deeply integrating industry, academia, and research, introducing and training various qualified personnel, undertaking and completing a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and winning many awards such as the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, providing strong scientific and technological support for the innovative development of enterprise.