C.S.I. Group offers Three DN8330 Diesel Engines for the Largest Sand Dredger in South China

Recently, the sand dredger “Hua Kai 31”, which was equipped with Three CSI DN8330 diesel engines as its main propulsion power, successfully completed the trial in Dongguan, Guangdong, South China. Currently, the ship is the largest sand dredger in South China, with a length of 125.65m, a width of 31m, a draft of 6.2m, 3 engines with 3 propellers, and a single main engine can reach up to 3676kW, with the strong power, enough to meet the high-intensity construction operation under different sea conditions. With the delivery of “Hua Kai 31”, the reputation of C.S.I. Group in the field of offshore and marine engineering has been further enhanced.

330/340 series diesel engines, the new generation of marine medium-speed high-power four-stroke diesel engines independently developed by C.S.I. Group, adopts a new generation of high-efficiency, high-pressure ratio turbochargers, which reach up to 5.8 pressure ratio and 65% turbocharger efficiency. With the enhanced overall structural strength, stroke can reach up to 480mm, and single-cylinder power can reach up to 600kW. Reliable structure of complete engines, stable operation, low fuel consumption, and simple operation, can meet the requirements of IMO Tier II and 2nd stage of national standard emission, with SCR system, can meet IMO Tier III emission standard. Since DN8330 diesel engines were put into the market, with excellent performance and good reputation, DN8330 diesel engines have won the favor of customers continuously and are widely used as the main propulsion engines, auxiliary engines of various types of marine engineering vessels, sea-river-through transportation ships, ocean-going carriers, container ships, bulk carriers, oil and chemical tankers, deck-transportation ships, etc. and in power plant.

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“Promote steadfastly land and marine development in a coordinated way, and fast build China into a maritime power”. In recent years, C.S.I. Group has been actively responding to promote the construction of the “China Maritime Power” strategy, guided by green development and driven by scientific and technological innovation, and has successively developed high-power high-pressure common rail medium-speed engines, dual-fuel/pure gas engines, and other new products, that are suitable for marine engineering equipment, striving to achieve green and intelligent products, and boost the development of marine engineering equipment and high-tech vessels.