C.S.I. Group held the Opening Ceremony of the “New Apprenticeship System” — Know-how Makes Excellence, Skills Build Future

On July 22, C.S.I. Group held the opening ceremony of the “New Apprenticeship System”, Mr. Chen Xiongfei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC’s Committee of C.S.I. Group, Mr. Zhou Feng, a member of the CPC’s Committee of C.S.I. Group and Chairman of the Labor Union, and other leaders were present. More than 80 people attended the opening ceremony, including appointed tutors, apprentices of miller (senior) and bench workers (senior) in the apprentice class, and the heads of the CPC’s Party Office at C.S.I. Group, HR & Administration Department, Precision Machining Division, and General Assembly Workshop.

Mr. Chen Xiongfei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC’s Committee of C.S.I. Group, awarded letters of appointment to 11 appointed tutors. Mr. Zhou Feng, Chairman of the Labor Union of C.S.I. Group and the Leader of the Provincial Skill Master Studio made a speech for the opening ceremony and expounded on the significance of carrying out the new apprenticeship training and putting forward opinions and requirements for the new apprenticeship training. He hopes that the apprentices will cherish the learning opportunities, improve theoretical knowledge, accumulate practical experience, inherit the craftsmanship spirit through the new apprenticeship training, and ask all the tutors to carry forward the spirit of “Mentoring Function”, and do their best to teach these apprentices and make progress together, so as to cultivate great craftsmen with good professional ethics and excellent skills for C.S.I. Group and the whole society.

With meticulous and excelsior work spirit, the “Enterprise’s New Apprenticeship System” is based on the principles of government guidance, enterprise orientation, and institution of higher education participation, and adopts the model of “Enterprise-School Dual System, Work-Learning Integration”, as co-training apprentices, aims to accelerate the construction of the team of skilled personnel and innovate in skilled personnel training mode. It is a fine tradition of the Chinese Nation to inherit the skills between masters and apprentices, and also an enterprise culture advocated by C.S.I. Group. The opening ceremony of this class specially arranged the apprenticeship ceremony of the pairing of master and apprentice. Every apprentice bowed to the master devoutly, served a cup of hot tea, recited the apprenticeship oath in unison, solemnly signed on the scroll, and was awarded a book of << Disciple Gauge>>….This traditional apprenticeship ceremony with full of a sense of ceremony is a new starting point for the new inheritance of the skills between masters and apprentices, will inspire masters and apprentices to inherit the spirit of craftsmen, model workers, and labor, and make greater contributions to the production and operation, and high-quality development of C.S.I. Group!