One of C.S.I. Group’s Engines was selected as the First Set Product of Provincial Engineering Key Projects in Zhejiang

On August 26, the “DF6210E Electronically Controlled Dual-Fuel Engine” independently researched and developed by C.S.I. Group was successfully selected as the first set product of provincial engineering key projects in Zhejiang in 2022, marking that C.S.I. Group has made significant achievements in the research and development field of dual-fuel and new energy engines.

DF6210E dual-fuel engine aims to realize “Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction”, using a present marine high-power medium-speed diesel engine N6210 as the prototype, and adopts a plan of “Gas Fuel Injection + Fuel Injection Ignition”, which tackles the technical problems of flexible control in combustion mode and high flow injection control of gas fuel. DF6210E dual-fuel engine can use various fuel types such as CNG, LNG, LFO, HFO, etc., with multiple modes of single and mixed combustion, and can meet the requirement of emission standard IMO Tier III, is identified as the national and international advanced technology.

In the next phase, C.S.I. Group will consistently focus on the strategic requirement of “Dual Carbon”, relying on the scientific and research institutions such as the national post-doctoral workstation of C.S.I. Group and provincial key enterprise research institute, to be committed to the design and development of the green, low-carbon, and zero-carbon internal combustion engine (ICE), so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of low-carbon and zero-carbon engines in China!