The Presidents’ Conference of the Ningbo Shipbuilding Industry Association was held in C.S.I. Group

On October 20, the presidents’ conference of the Ningbo Shipbuilding Industry Association was held in C.S.I. Group. Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Economic and Informatization, CCS Zhejiang Branch, Ningbo Xinle Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Donghong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Ningbo Oriental Ship Design Institute, the 7815th Factory of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the 4805th Factory of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and other president units attended the meeting, Mr. Wujie, the association president, secretary of the CPC committee and general manager of C.S.I. Group attended and delivered a speech.

The meeting summarized the work of the association in 2022 and planned for the next step. President Wujie said that the Ningbo Shipbuilding Industry Association is the bond between the government and the shipbuilding enterprises, and holds responsibility for contacting the government, serving enterprises, and promoting the development of member enterprises and the shipbuilding industry. President Wujie put forward hopes and requirements for the association as follows: 1. to find the support points in the government work report, strengthen the organization’s construction of the association, and pull more member enterprises together. 2. with the support of the government, promoting the shipbuilding enterprises to invest and set up plants/factories overseas, and to build factories in countries along the “Belt and Road” in Africa and Europe. 3. to promote the multiplex expansion of shipbuilding enterprises, run the business better and stronger, and drive the development of the relevant supporting industries, thereby promoting the revitalization of the Ningbo Shipbuilding Industry.


The president units exchanged information on the development of their respective enterprises and put forward opinions and suggestions on the work of the association. It is their opinion that although in recent years, due to the continuous impact of the covid and geopolitical turbulence, the shipbuilding industry enterprises in Ningbo are facing some difficulties and constraints, the city of Ningbo has certain advantages in port, supply chain, system, and mechanism, the development of the shipbuilding industry has both opportunities and challenges. President Mr. Wujie desired that with the support of the president units, the association will continuously adhere to the purpose of serving and developing enterprises, assisting the government to do industry research, actively conducting exchanges on policy and information to build a bridge between the government and enterprises, and help member enterprises to develop better.

Directors of the Equipment Department of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Economy and Informatization and CCS Zhejiang Branch put forward suggestions on the development of the shipbuilding industry in Ningbo, hoping that the association can play the role more effectively and make greater contributions to the high-quality economic development of Ningbo.