Celebrate the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Advance Toward the Road of “Common Prosperity” – C.S.I. Group finished third in the Fun Sports Meeting for Staff of the NBIIG

To further care about the physical health of employees, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, and enhance the unity and cohesion of the enterprise, on December 02, C.S.I. Group organized employees to participate in the “Celebrate the 20th CPC National Congress and Advance Toward the Road of ‘Common Prosperity’” Staff Fun Sports Meeting of the Labor Union of Ningbo Industrial Investment Group and finished in third place.

Five categories of competitions “Catch-Water Game, Curling Skill, Walk in Unison, Balloon Relay, All in Boat” let the fun sports meeting more fun, collaborative, and competitive. There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding this competition, everyone was in an ebullient mood. Members of the CSI team participated actively in each game with the spirit of enthusiasm, diligence, and cooperation, and finally finished the third prize.