One of the Post-Doctoral Fellows completed his Scientific Research Work in C.S.I. Group

On December 09, the post-doctorate review meeting of Huang Zhilong, a post-doctoral fellow in the post-doctoral research workstation of C.S.I. Group, was successfully held. A panel of experts composed of Professor Sun Shuaishuai from the University of Science and Technology of China, Wu Jie, secretary of the CPC Committee and general manager of C.S.I. Group, and relevant leaders of the Municipal and District Human Resources and Social Security Bureaus, attended the meeting.

The review meeting was chaired by Dr. He Haibin, vice president of C.S.I Power & Machinery Research Institute. The panel of experts listened to a briefing about the research and development work of postdoctoral fellow Huang Zhilong in the post-doctoral research workstation of C.S.I. Group and the workstation in the university of science and technology of China, and the summary report on the research project << Analysis and Optimization of Torsional Vibration Mechanism of High-Power Marine Engine Shafting>>. The panel of experts unanimously agreed that the subject focused on the torsional vibration optimization of marine engines, and relevant experimental tests with dynamic models and finite element analysis were carried out successfully. Postdoctoral fellow Huang Zhilong provides a good design thought and solution for C.S.I. Group, to research and develop the good shock and noise reduction effect and the upgrading of high-power marine engines, through the new magneto-rheological damper, that the controller combined with master-slave control system and adaptive sliding mode control algorithm. Subject is expected to reach the goal, and it is agreed that Huang finished his post-doctoral scientific research work.

General secretary Xi Jinping stressed in the report of the 20th CPC National Congress that talent as our primary resource and innovation as our primary driver of growth. C.S.I. Group adheres to the development philosophy of “Innovation Guidance, Talent Oriented”, and successively established a provincial key enterprise research institute and national post-doctoral workstation, relying on the construction of generic technology institute and key laboratory, talent attraction, and innovative development. So far, amount to 5 postdoctoral fellows is in the postdoctoral R&D workstation of C.S.I. Group, and 2 postdoctoral fellows work for C.S.I. Group after finishing relevant scientific research work, to bear the responsibility and make contributions to speed up research and develop new energy engines and the industrialization of innovative achievements.