4 Subordinate Companies of C.S.I. Group are honored as Specialized and Sophisticated Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau announced the name list of 2022 specialized and sophisticated SMEs these days. 2 subordinate companies of C.S.I. Group, Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. and Ningbo C.S.I. Power Co., Ltd. are returned. By now, 4 subordinate companies of C.S.I. Group are honored as specialized and sophisticated SMEs, including ULVAC (Ningbo) Co., Ltd at national level, and Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) Machinery Manufacture at provincial level.

Specialized and Sophisticated SMEs (little giants) focus on segment markets, and have strong innovative capacity, high market share, core technologies, excellent quality and efficiency. In the past few years, party committees and government at all levels have given impetus to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises toward “Specialized and Sophisticated”, and guided SMEs to pursue high-quality development, strengthening the foundation of the real economy, and it has become an important measure considering that the current economic environment is still complicated. C.S.I. Group has always adhered to the development of the core business of marine power machinery, energy system, vacuum technology, intelligent molding equipment, etc. Through increasing investment in the innovation of science and technology, relying on the national post-doctoral science and research workstation and provincial key enterprise research institute, to build the industrial generic technology institute and carry out actively the cooperation of enterprises, colleges, and institutes at home and abroad, C.S.I. Group has constantly introduced and trained high-level talents, engaged national, provincial, and municipal science and technology programs, drafted national and industry-related standards, and won a number of innovative achievements including the first prize of the Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Awards, the first China 7300HP medium-speed high-power marine electronically controlled high-pressure common rail engine, national standards.

Next move, C.S.I. Group will be committed to adhering to the development of proprietary technological innovation, carrying out research into core technologies and industrialization of products, like low-carbo, zero-carbo advanced power units and vacuum equipment, which can be used in new energy and semiconductor industry, new energy system, and high-end precision molding machine.