Embracing New Challenges, Seizing New Opportunities – the 2022 Annual Summary Commendation Ceremony of C.S.I. Group was held successfully

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On January 10, the 2022 Annual Summary Commendation Ceremony and Labor Union Members’ Congress of C.S.I. Group was held successfully in the conference hall. It is a very important conference to sum up the past year, deploy the current work, honor the progressive individuals, and toward the future. Chen Xiongfei, the deputy secretary of the CPC committee and the deputy general manager of C.S.I. Group, hosted the conference and read out the document of honoring the progressive individuals. Zhou Feng, a member of the CPC committee and the chairman of the labor union of C.S.I. Group, made the 2022 annual work reports. Lou Hua, a member of the CPC committee and general manager of Ningbo C.S.I. Power Co., Ltd., made the 2022 annual business work report. Wu Jie, the secretary of the CPC committee and the general manager of C.S.I. Group, made important remarks.





In 2022, in the face of tough and complicated situations in China and Aboard, each subsidiary of C.S.I. Group had withstood the downward pressure, forged ahead with enterprise and fortitude, and strived in unity:

  • With “scientific and technological innovation” as a key point, and “quality enhancement” as the aim, C.S.I. Group had launched several new products, strengthening management to improve product quality.
  • “People-oriented, innovation-led”, focusing on the development of new products, growth of the team’s capability, and improvement of skills.
  • China’s first high-power marine high-pressure common-rail medium-speed engine was successfully developed.
  • Application of CSI Power / Ningdong dual-fuel engine to new sea-river-through ship
  • C.S.I. Group was honored with the first prize in the provincial science and technology progress award.
  • It was selected as the first set of engineering research key projects in Zhejiang province.
  • The new plant of ULVAC was completed and has started production, and was approved as a provincial postdoctoral workstation.
  • Fu Chun Shin (Ningbo) machinery manufacture Co., ltd. was growing quickly due to business cooperation with BYD Auto.

Every great achievement is the concentration of hard work and efforts of all cadres and workers.

Sweat and toil will press ahead with concrete efforts for achievements.

Given the many uncertainties, C.S.I. Group will continue adhering to the enterprise spirit of “unity, pragmatism, innovation, contend for top-grade” in the light of the 2023 dawn, relying on the proprietary brand (CSI Power / Ningdong) and scientific and technological innovation, continue to invest the emerging industries such as green intelligence power system, vacuum technology equipment, etc. Each C.S.I. Group Company ensures that all of its employees should work hard with firm confidence, honor commitment and take practical actions, act with a sense of urgency, continue to write a new chapter in the new year, and surely create a splendid feat.