Yang Zheng, General Manager of Zhejiang Branch of China Classification Society(CCS), and his delegation visited C.S.I. Group

A meeting between CCS and CSI Group

On February 3rd, Yang Zheng, the General Manager of the Zhejiang Branch of the China Classification Society(CCS), and his delegation visited C.S.I. Group. Wu Jie, Secretary of the CPC’s committee and General Manager of C.S.I. Group and other leaders accompanied the CCS delegation on this visit.

General Manager Wu Jie extended a warm welcome to Yang Zheng and his delegation, expressing heartfelt gratitude to CCS for its continuous care, support, and help to C.S.I. Group, and introduced the group’s efforts and achievements in technological innovation, industrial development, dual-carbon strategy, etc., and especially the upcoming launch of several CSI new efficient, energy-saving, and low-carbon propulsion main engine products in the year 2023. General Manager Yang Zheng expressed his appreciation and affirmation of the achievements of C.S.I. Group in the global strategic layout, product research and development, etc., and introduced the achievements of CCS Zhejiang Branch in product certification, drawing approval, technological innovation, etc. Furthermore, he provided his insights and recommendations on the development prospects of the shipping market in 2023, encouraging the C.S.I. Group to accelerate its green development.

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Over the years, with the support of partners like the China Classification Society(CCS), C.S.I. Group has been continuously committed to the design, development, and industrialization of internal combustion engines with green, low-carbon, and zero-carbon fuel with the national “dual carbon” goal requirements of China, and relying on the national postdoctoral workstation, provincial key enterprise research institute, and other scientific research platforms. These efforts have been recognized through various awards, including the National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize. In the future, C.S.I. Group will engage in deeper exchanges and cooperation with CCS and other organizations in areas such as the construction of a common research institute for enterprise, technological innovation, standard formulation, and product development. Its aim is to contribute even more to the early realization of the national “dual-carbon” goal of China and to the green and high-quality development of the Chinese Shipping Industry.