CSI Ningdong DN320 Series Marine Diesel Engine (2648kW – 3310kW) / (3600Ps – 4500Ps)

Standard and Optional Parts

Cooler: shell-and-tube heat exchanger (standard), plate heat exchanger (optional)

Turning gear: manual (standard), motor-driven (optional)

Governor: hydraulic governor (standard), E-H governor, electronic governor (optional)

Silencer: optional

Exhaust expansion joint: optional

Parameters Table

Item Unit Data
Type   Four-stroke, water-cooled, in-line, turbocharged and intercooled, direct injection
Bore×Stroke mm 320×380
Number of Cylinders   8
Displacement L 244.5
Compression Ratio   13 : 1
Speed rpm 600 – 675
SFOC g/kW·h ≤182+3% (at 100% MCR)

≤180+3% (at 85% MCR)

SLOC g/kW·h ≤0.6+20%
Starting Mode   Compressed-air motor
Direction of Rotation   Starboard engine: clockwise(aft. end)

Port engine: anticlockwise(aft. end)

Minimum Height for Lifting Piston mm 2600 (above crankshaft centerline)
Outline Dimensions

Length×Width ×Height

mm 6085×2125×3315
Net Weight Kg 34000

Model Portfolio Table

Series Model MCR


Speed rpm Mean Effective Pressure Mpa NOX Emission Standard (with SCR system)
Starboard Port





DN8320ZC6B DN8320ZC7B 3089 650 2.33 IMO Tier III
DN8320ZC8B DN8320ZC9B 3310 675 2.41 IMO Tier III
DN8320ZC10B DN8320ZC11B 2648 600 2.17 IMO Tier III
DN8320ZC12B DN8320ZC13B 2795 630 2.18 IMO Tier III
DN8320ZC14B DN8320ZC15B 2970 650 2.24 IMO Tier III

Remark: Product parameters and model portfolio are for reference only. Please contact the relevant personnel for official information on delivery time. The delivery scope for each model engine shall be performed as per the corresponding technical files.


CSI Ningdong DN320 Series Marine Diesel Engine (2648kW - 3310kW) 1