CSI Ningdong GN320 Series Marine Dual Fuel Generator Set (1500 – 2200kW)

Standard and Optional Parts

Absorber: standard

Cylinder freshwater heater: standard for self-start engine

Pregreasing pump: standard for self-start engine

Governor: electronic governor (standard)

Silencer: optional

Parameters Table

Item Unit Technical Parameters
Engine Type   Four-stroke, water-cooled, in-line, turbocharged and intercooled, direct injection
Cylinder Bore × Stroke mm 320 × 380
No. Cylinder   6 / 8
Revolution rpm 600
Compression Ratio   13 : 1
SFOC g/kW·h 194+3% (during fuel mode)
SFGC KJ/kW·h 8600 (at rated power)
SLOC g/kW·h ≤0.6
Gas Supply Pressure bar 4 -6
Substitution Rate   70 – 85%                  (at 50% – 85% rated power)
Cooling System   Closed circulating water cooling
Alignment Method   Flexible coupling
Starting Mode   Compressed air motor
Minimum Height for Lifting Piston mm 2600 (above crankshaft centerline)
NOX Emission Standard   IMO Tier II, GB 15097-2016 1st
Generator Rated Power kW 1500 – 2200
Power Factor    0.8(lagging)


Steady state voltage regulating rate % <±2.5
Transient voltage regulating rate % -15~+20
Stabilization time s <1.5
Voltage fluctuation rate % ≤±1


Steady state frequency (rev.) regulating rate % <5(parallel)
Transient frequency (rev.) regulating rate % ≤±10
Stabilization time s <5
Frequency fluctuation rate % ≤±0.5

Model Portfolio Table

Generator model  

Rated Power






Engine Alternator model Dimensions


Net Weight


Engine model Rated Power


CCFJ1500J(Z) 1500 600 GN6320ZC14B 1618 Siemens / CMXD 7525×2540×3210 33500
CCFJ1800J(Z) 1800 600 GN8320ZC 2206 8550×2665×3350 51000
CCFJ2000J(Z) 2000 600 GN8320ZC2B 2368 8650×2665×3350 51500
CCFJ2200J(Z) 2200 600 GN8320ZC4B 2500 8900×2665×3750 53000


CSI Ningdong GN320 Series Marine Dual Fuel Generator Set 01


  1. “CCFJ***J-W**” means conventional generator set, and “CCFJ***Z-W” means self-starting type generator set.
  2. This model portfolio is mainly about 50Hz, 400V, and 60Hz products with corresponding powers that can be also produced according to customer requirements, please contact relevant personnel for specific specifications and technical parameters.
  3. For generator set model selection, please make communicate with relevant personnel.
  4. The delivery scope for each model engine shall be performed as per the corresponding technical files.
  5. Dimensions and weight are for reference only.