CSI Ningdong N210 Series Diesel Generator Set (500 – 1350kW)

Product Description

The generator set, comprising a generator and CSI Ningdong N210 series diesel engine resiliently mounted on a common baseframe through the high-elastic shaft coupling, fully completed with essential auxiliaries, is an ideal emergency (standby) power supply for small-sized industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, rural areas, etc. Thanks to the under-slung main bearing structure of the N210 engine, the generator offers low vibration and noise, and high-quality output. The generator is valid in 6 cylinders and 8 cylinders.

Containerized mobile generator powered by the N210 engine is also available for isolated developing regions which do not have alternative energy sources and for those applications where mobility and fast installation of energy plants are required.

Model Portfolio Table

Generator Model 500GF 600GF 800GF 1000GF 1200GF 1350GF
Rated output (kW) 500 600 800 1000 1200 1350
Engine Model N6210ZCD12 N6210ZCD4 N6210ZCD18 N6210ZCD8 N8210ZCD5 N8210ZCD24
Bore x Stroke (mm) 210 x 300
Engine Type Four-Stroke, In-line, direct Injection, Turbocharged, Intercooled
Engine Rated Power (kW) 551 662 882 1103 1320 1470
Speed (rpm) 50Hz@750, @1000 / 60Hz@900
SFOC (g/kW·h) 194+3%

Electrical Performance



Voltage no-load regulation range % 95~105
Voltage fluctuation rate % ±1
Steady state voltage regulating rate % ±2.5
Transient voltage regulating rate % ±20~-15
Stabilization time s 1
Alternator Excitation method   Brushless AVR


Steady-state frequency (rev.) regulating rate % 5
Frequency (rev.)  fluctuation rate % ±0.5
Transient frequency regulating rate % ±10
Stabilization time s < 5
Frequency regulating method  


Auto / Manual


Over Speed 115% Nr   A, T, S Reverse Power -9.6% Pn A, T
LO. Pressure 0.25MPa A, 0.15MPa T, S Over Current 130% In A, T
Freshwater Temperature 80℃ A, 85℃ T, S Over Voltage 120% Vn A, T
LO. Temperature 90℃ A Overload 110% In A

Notes: All engine rating data is based on ISO 3046/1.
Reference conditions: Ambient 45℃, Relative humidity 60%, Intercooler coolant inlet 32 ℃.
If test ambient conditions are not the same as the fiducially ambient conditions. The power shall be revised according to ISO3046-1: 2002.
Fuel characteristics: MDO, Lower heat value:42700kj/kg, Consumption tolerance: +5%.
Power: An overload of 10% is permitted for one hour every twelve hours of operation.


  • Meet with: ISO8528, ISO3046, GB/T13032.
  • Marine medium speed engine driven, unrestricted service configured, IMO Tier IID2 certified.
  • Brushless self-excited alternator with AVR, G3 electricity quality.
  • Application:Power plant set, Emergency automatic start power, Marine Auxiliary power.
  • As offer customized power plant solutions with multi-options fuels of diesel, LPFO/HFO, biofuel, natural gas, tire pyrolysis oil, etc.
  • Easy installation, high reliability, low noise, low operating cost, and environmentally friendly.


CSI Ningdong N210G Series Gas Generator Set (500 - 1000kW) 01

Gensets Dimensions(approx.)

Model A B C D Weight
mm mm mm mm (kg)
500GF 5900 1577 3005 1170 17000
600GF 5950 1540 2890 1170 17500
800GF 5950 1540 2890 1170 18200
1000GF 6370 1750 2994 1170 19500
1200GF 6600 1750 2994 1170 21000
1350GF 7380 1750 2994 1170 22000

Remarks: Dimensions and weight are for reference only. For generator set model selection, please make communicate with relevant personnel. The delivery scope for each model engine shall be performed as per the corresponding technical files.